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    • 11/01/2019
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      lounile dalin
      Thank you so much, AB Dental and Medical Employment Agency for with you along with your clients I have developed my skills and become more efficient, effective, and competitive in my chosen career. More power in your company! Godspeed!
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      Kate Mackay
      My time working for AB Dental has overall been very positive. They were competent, provided shifts as needed, and allowed flexibility with my availability.
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      priyanka dahal
      Extremely helpful staff and had a wonderful time whilst temping with AB Dental. Thank you Rebecca!
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      Vera Lala
      AB dental is perfect for temping. There are always placements available around Sydney. The staff is always very friendly and polite on the phone. I could highly recommend AB dental to everyone
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      AB dental is a great agency for temping. I have learn and grow a lot in the last 8 months working for them. There is always placements available around all of Sydney location. The staff is always very friendly and polite over the phone. I would highly recommend AB dental to everyone and especially uni students who is currently studying oral health or dentistry and wanting a causal Dental Assistant job to build their dental experience.
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