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    • 25/10/2018
      por philip Dickerson
      Great service,great care,great price! Don't forget to take your passport. Very safe area of Mexico, just on other side of the border. Not crowded at all. Most of the clients are US citizens. If you don't come here, you'll be throwing your money away.
      por Lisa Alexander
      por Tecate Old Streets
      por Ronda King
      Dr. Adame was referred to me by a friend. My dentist wants me to come in four times a year for a cleaning, but my insurance only covers two a year. At $110.00 a visit we decided to try them. My son was looking a possible root canal and crown according to our dentist which he was looking at $1800.00. We are realizing that our dentist seems to be all about money since they joined Gentle Dental. From now on we are going to seek a second opinion on any major work. This office is 1 1/2 blocks from the border. Nice and clean and we were impress with the place. Very friendly. I got my teeth cleaned for $30.00 and my son just need a filling for $70.00.
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