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    • 16/11/2017
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      Xoán V
      Terrible university! I did my erasmus year here and honestly it was a complete joke compared to UK universities. I think the reason why it gets rated highly is because most students to Autonoma haven't experienced what a decent university is like. It's more like a crappy secondary school than a university. The teaching style is very much, think this, write this, do this and incredible formal. There's no room for your own opinion or growing as a person. And trying to get a one on one meeting with a teacher to discuss your course is practically impossible. There are no my door is always open teachers. It's all I have a one hour window at x time, the same day every week, so if you have a class at that time you can't see them. And e-mails are frequently ignored. I had two final exams that clashed, and instead of being given another time to do one of them, the uni just told me to pick one test and do that. Which meant that I obviously failed one course. They didn't care though as they just take your mark from your bests few courses. They didn't get why I was annoyed that after studying solid for a year to be told not to do the test and rely on the other ones. Not to mention the amount of wild cats roaming the hallways, crapping all over the place was a joke.
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      Jairo Merino
      The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is the first Spanish institution and the third European university according to the QS Ranking of the World’s Top 50 Universities under 50 years old
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      Jan Farrell
      Campus-wise pretty good.
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      Daniel Stelmak
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      Ricardo Frias
      I have visited quite a lot universities and this one is really modern. The communication is good with the city center. It takes 15 minutes from Plaza Castilla by bus, (bus number 714), then only transport to get there actually. I have been at Facultad de Economia (Economy building) and it is not well indicated inside, I mean, about the classes.
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