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    • 01/04/2019
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      gautam sharma
      Went in here for tapas. Almost everything is closed here at this time. Good ambience. Light music. Well lit. Nice suggestions. And the guy agreed to mix and match almost everything. Loved the croquettes and the bravas!
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      Peter Dowling
      Eat where the locals eat! This place has really good octopus. In the picture is the Spanish version of empenada. Lively, friendly, cool bar seating.
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      Giovana Stein
      Really good food at really good price. I didn't eat octopus before going there (I tried in different places and did not like it), but they make it taste awesome, really good texture. The staff is friendly. They do not let you split the bill in more than 2 cards, what is a pain if you are going in a big group and want to split.
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      Omri Savra
      The price is amazing. Very local place, not touristy. Got the recommend to go there from a local chef and was really surprised. Outstanding place.
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      Pam G.
      Came here on the recommendation of a friend. The potato meatball things were amazing. And the octopus was very good. The staff was warm and inviting, even showing us the food available when they realized how terrible our Spanish was. This is a great spot to catch a bite. And it's very conveniently located next to the Picasso museum and chocolate museum.
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