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    • 09/03/2019
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      jilla farshi
      The best dentist office in the valley. I love my hygienist Mona and the entire staff and dentist are very friendly and nice. I refer all my friends and family to this office.
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      Melissa Farahvash
      To: All the people out there that are petrified of going for a dental appointment. I have great news for you. Please go check out Bio Dental in Encino!!! Dr Matian and his staff are the most professional, caring, and dedicated employees that have made my dentist visit experience amazing!!! Right down from the state of the art facility, the lovely staff, Mona my Hygenist, and Dr. Matian himself have made every visit painless and even enjoyable. You cannot be in greater hands. And, believe me when I tell you, I have had some horrific dental experiences. I no longer have that anxiety and nervous feeling about my dentist appointments. Thank you Bio Dental. You guys rock!!!
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      TV DANCE
      Simply the best dentist in the world you rock thank you thank you thank you my teeth are so perfect anywhere else I go they don’t want to touch them LOL
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      Michael Wile
      First appointment as a new patient and so far so good.
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      Lin Estrin
      The Best! Dr. Shawn's work is outstanding. His staff is efficient, warm and comforting. I had 3 implants, 7 crowns and a front tooth broken off in my gums. It took about 2 years to complete my teeth because the office was accommodating my financial issues so I could get all the work completed. Dr. Shawn's work is amazing. My teeth are beautiful!
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