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    • 23/12/2017
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      Timothy Clark
      Dr. Olsen is definitely my favorite dentist I've had. Just went in for a cleaning and an examination so far, but I had a lot of interaction with him. He was very honest, funny, and friendly. Not only that, he actually discussed some dietlifestyle prevention techniques and natural options, which was refreshing since most of my dentists in the past just focused on brushing and flossing alone.
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      Marc Hernandez
      Erika and Dr Olson were sincere and took great care of me. The whole staff makes your visit simple and comfortable.
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      Nadia Shalwani
      Honestly the BEST experience overall. From the front desk to the hygenist and especially Dr. Olson. Great energy, super professional, caring and fun! I learn so much every time I go as well. Totally making Them my permanent dentist even though is forever away from me ?
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      Chase Faldmo
      Dr. Olson is extremely thorough and only seeks for the best interest of the patient. Friendly, personable and trusting. We love this office and their amazing staff. Definitely recommending to all.
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      Ashley Soudah
      What an amazing dental practice! By far the best overall experience I've had at a dentist. Dr Olson was brilliant from the beginning helping me understand the state of my teeth, spending considerable time going through my 3D scan and he was great at putting me at ease when I was quite terrified of having my wisdom teeth removed. The clinic staff (Renee, Cristina and everyone) are very friendly and professional and were even kind enough to offer to give me a few rides to my next appointments. The actual dental work was excellently done at a fair price and I'm very happy that my teeth are now in good shape for the future. I've learnt that the condition of your teeth has a big impact on your overall health so it absolutely worthwhile investing in them and I would highly recommend doing so at Boca Sana Dental!
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