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    • 27/03/2019
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      Highland Dental
      They are the worst lab ever. Our office gave them $50k case and the final piece broke into 4 pieces within a week and they do not even have courtesy to fix it for us where as they charged extra amount to fix it. Patient was so unhappy with his product. They also gave us estimate in the beginning something and later they changed it. They do not work as a team. Nobody knows what’s going on and they never forward the message to the person who is supposed to handle our case. Highly dnt reccomend this lab. Waste of your money.
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      Nkemjika Okeke
      Great quality and great customer service
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      Vox Novus
      Just got fired from this place after 5 days, not for my quality of work or progress in learning but because I was too quiet for them and not engaging enough. I wonder why someone might be excessively quiet, oh right maybe they have a mental illness that makes them like that. Of course if I disclosed that in the first place to them they likely wouldn't have even hired me on and given me a chance. They invited me in, told everyone to welcome me, bought me lunch, gave me a tour and fired me in the same week simply for being quiet, basically telling me my personality sucks and offering me no other explanation. How about as a "professional" company they get to a point where they judge someone based on their ability to work and not something as shallow as being quiet. Even better, how about actually talking with their employee and trying to figure out why they might be so quiet and telling them why they desired their perceived level of necessary talking and engagement. No, they are clearly masters of knowing and understanding people to have fully grasped what type of person I was in a mere 5 days of employment there with most of their hr staff, management and training staff having barely even talked to me to begin with.
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      Marc Johnson
      Chose this lab to do All-On X cases. Bonadent promises the moon but cannot deliver on anything. Terrible customer service!!! Jerricah lies, denies and never replies as the digital design scheduler. Quality of work is a 2-3 on a 10 point scale; some of the worst I have ever seen in 30 years. Lab RX's are not followed. No concept of how to set teeth so some at least touch or not jutting out of patients mouth. This is with facebow and composite bite records, photos, & secondary bite records. We consistently do full arch restorations cases to completion with ZERO adjustment; it isn't the Dentist operator error folks. Had a Zirc bridge crack in half a week after delivery opposing a denture. Was remade 3 times before one even got to my office late after 2 reschedules. We have now waited for over 2 months with no call back as to when it will be remade again. Was told it would be remade...hello....hello...anyone.... Bonadent. Last case parts were ordered per Chucks specifications, confirmed he had ALL parts needed 2 months before apt and was told yes. Sends alternate Dennis to conversion, don't have ALL the parts to do conversion. Patient flips out as she has been strung along by lab for 2 months now and leaves OS with an entire morning not booked. Unbelievable!!! Waited 36 hours for call back and plan to remedy situation; got nothing. Ask to speak to owner told he does not take calls. While I'm waiting for someone, anyone to call thought I'd share. PD's: A joke Fees?? IF they delivered like say Frontier Dental Lab everyday all day. I'd be glad to pay it. Never can quote accurately. Price list has hidden +++ costs most cases 1.5-2x that fee. You will LOSE MONEY doing these All OnX cases with Bonadent for the chair time spent returning for their errors and them canceling on delivery date. Save yourself the stomach lining and heart muscle and choose another lab.
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      Robert Jeanmenne
      Good work from a solid lab. Ruth's one star review above should be of her dentist. Did he take photos? And yes Bonadent always adjusts my shades if i ask. No problem.
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