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      Excelencia en estomatología. Somos especialistas en cuidar de su boca sin dolor. Especialistas en implantes dentales, cirugia oral, ortodoncia, ortodoncia invisible, invisalign, blanqueamientos, estética dental,etc.
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    • 31/08/2018
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      MariaLuisa Lopez Quiroga
      Son un equipo encantador, me han cambiado la vida, sonrio más segura!! Me trate con ortodoncia Invisible y carillas de porcelana. 100% Recomendable
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      amir asaraf
      I was travelling in madrid and had a great pain. The doctor and staff took care of me like they know we me for years. Highly recommended!!
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      Neil Blackmore
      Truly fantastic. I´ve been twice. On both occasions they were easy to make an appointment. I also thought that I needed to have work done on one tooth but the dentist gave me a check up (for free) and reassured me that no work needed to be done. Honest, easy, professional and even spoke English. I wouldn´t visit a different dentist in Spain.
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      Susan Ibarguen
      Bordon Clinic has been amazing. Our son is studying in Madrid, Spain for the fall semester. Javier was responsive, attentive and effective. We are grateful. After my son went to the ER and other suggested doctors, he still remained in pain, with constant throbbing, and tremendous swelling. After searching the Expat Websites and the US Embassy recommended practitioners, we discovered Bordon Clinic. We emailed them and IMMEDIATELY they responded by fitting in our son as an emergency the very next day. We could not ask for a better, more professional office. The time difference between Spain and the US was a factor and my son's cell connection was faulty, so communication was difficult. Javier even contacted me by phone to make sure we were all communicating. He was a wonderful encouragement to my discouraged son and prescribed treatment so my son could be on the road to recovery. We are amazed at the service level and receptive accommodating nature of this practice. For all the Expats out there, 5 stars! THANK YOU BORDON CLINIC
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      r kennedy
      As soon as I arrived in Madrid for vacation, I got a severe toothache and found this clinic on google. It was a little difficult to find, but once there they were friendly, and spoke some English. I had to go back the next day for a root canal, and other than the cost being fairly high, all seemed okay. I was reasonably satisfied. But 3 months later and my chin and lip are still numb. It seems the dentist did some permanent nerve damage.
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