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    • 24/02/2019
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      Genevieve Ross
      Well, they stopped me from turning into a zombie so that's something. But I was slightly disappointed I didn't get my hot shower or glass of wine like the rest of the group. Also I was slightly surprised to find it in one piece and not a pile of rubble like I saw it last time. My friend Rick went there but Dr. Jenner told him we will turn no matter what so uh yeah that's something they should definitely look into. I would like to remain a human and not a walker.
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      Braden Moss
      I really enjoyed this Lazer tag tournament at the cdc. but some huge man slammed my grandma but he said it was just for free street cred. So good
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      Jamie Smith
      My review is a complaint ..first I will say you guys do wonderful jobs there .my problem is with opioids pain medication .when it comes to that yous guys don't have a clue .putting a limit on opiates for chronic pain patients is totally insane .millions of people need that medication and I am one of them .I am being made to suffer and I know I don't have much time letf on this earth .going down to 60 pills a month in both of my scripts is inhuman. And for doctors to say that opioids are no good for long term use well I'm here to tell u that is complete bull because I have been on both of my pain meds for 20 years never had a issue or a problem until now .do u realize how many people are killing them self from this .and the people that are being forced to st drugs because of this limit .chronic pain patients should not be limited on their meds .. This drug crisis has nothing to do with pain medication .its heroin and fentynal .get rid of the fentynal and you will see it will get better .stop taking this out on chronic pain people ...someone need s to listen to us and stand up and fight for us ..there could be other options than what was done ..put a limit on age unless they have a terminal illness . put a list of medical illness to get the medication . i have had pill counts and drug screens for 20 years never failed any so why am I being punished for other people mistakes. For those of you on here that has a issue with not getting the proper amount of pain medication needs to write the president the cdc dea fda cms .State senators congress republicans and democrats ..i was told if more people write complaining someone will listen .
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      Matthew Keller
      This is an amazing place to work that is full of dedicated and passionate public servants. For the public, there is an awesome museum (David J. Sencer Museum) that is open during regular business hours. The main floor is a rotating exhibit, and the lower floor is stays the same. To get to the museum, pull up to the guard building on the far right. Tell them you are going to the museum and show your ID. They might ask you to step out and pop your hood and trunk. Make sure you don't try to bring any weapons. The guard will direct you straight ahead to the visitor's parking deck. Then check in with the guard desk just inside the visitor's center.
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      Cathy Fike
      CDC Museum is a hidden gem. Museum is only open M-F daytime, and you need to go through security to get there. Free parking and free entrance, but you need to show ID to get in. Worth the effort, though.
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