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    • 07/02/2019
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      Lulu Kim
      They are very kind ! I recommended all my friends to go here
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      Louisa Chu
      My kid had terrible experience with dentist before who took out his tooth. We tried to go with Dr. Winnie Chan for his other side and she was amazing. She spend time to talk to him first and make him comfortable. She slowly put freezing material to numb his gum and then put the needle in so slowly that he didn't feel any pains. She is excellent with children. Also, I've been doing my own checkup in this clinic for few years. They are very good and NEVER do any extra unnecessary work to your teeth even though I have insurance coverage.
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      These dentists have gone above and beyond for me! Coming here I was terrified because I have had very bad dentist experiences in my previous home town. The wonderful Dr Huang recognized fairly quickly that I have issues freezing in the back of my mouth and actually froze my palate which my previous dentist hadn't, in fact I had no idea that some people needed it frozen separately. For the first time in my life I have had a pain free dental experience. even during a root canal retreval to fix my previous dentist's work the only pain I experienced beyond the needle was a sharp tingling that had also happened without any tools near the tooth, probably related to the fact I had gone years with a root canal that hadn't been done properly.
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      Ming Ly
      Three years ago I had a gold dental crown made by the dentists. The dentists were kind. The receptionist was friendly. The crown fits well. I am happy with their services. All the hygienists took such a good care for my teeth. I am always looking forward to my next teeth cleaning appointment.
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