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    • 24/03/2019
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      Jenn Owens
      I went to this clinic as I had a bad toothache and suspected abscess. Horrific experience, dentist was absolutely horrible. Nasty and patronising, showed absolutely no human empathy or even basic manners. Spent the whole appointment blaming me, lecturing me on how to correctly brush my teeth, telling me that the (permanent) retainer I have should've been removed years ago and that its my own fault for not having it removed (even though permanent retainers are common in the UK) scoffing when I told him I was allergic to the antibiotics he was going to prescribe and generally spent the time berating me, he even called me a child. Extremely overpriced 100 euros for an appointment, an x-ray and a 15 minute lecture.
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      Aline Álvarez
      The best emergency dentist in madrid. Good job. Thank you!!!
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      David PerFe
      I went to this clinic for first time to fix a bracket that had come off on a Saturday night, price was reasonable and the job well done. Saved my holiday as had my outbound flight next day. Ever since then when I need to see a dentist I just call and book an appointment for any convenient evening time hence I don't need to skip working hours! Delighted!
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      Sunny Lee
      Not even open 24 hours
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      Billy Haigh
      Thanks to this guy! He fixed my teeth on the Saturday and I booked in very quickly with him on the same day. It was an extra charge but he was a good man, did a professional job and made a few jokes (in spanish) that I more or less understood!
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