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    • 24/03/2019
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      Theresa Sutton
      Was there less than 2hours really helpful staff
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      Maria Gorchakova
      We came to Benidorm clinical hospital to cure our 3.9 year old son. Everyrhing was just perfect! My special thanks and big huggs to Ekaterina Breslavceva (hope i spell the name correctly) who organizied everyrhing from nothing untill the all of it!!! Thank you, Ekaterina! It wouldnt work out without you and what you are doing! Also i would like to thank all the docs and nurses who were so polite and kind with us! My special thanks to the nurse Mireya (spelling right??), who is still helping to get in touch with Valincia (cf- assosiation)... people from valencia peobably dont like speaking english.
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      Glen S Gilbert
      I vistied this hospital in September 2017. My partner had a very severe reaction to insect bit / mosquito. With very unsual large blister and swelling. The Hospital turned us away stating we did not have the correct insurance. We eventually ended up driving down to Villajoosa Marina Baixa. The Doctor and nursing Staff here are vey helpful and provided the right care. For future reference is it worth me tring to using Clinica Benidorm?
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      I had my internship in the emergency room when I studied in 2011. Great teachers and I learned alot in my weeks in this hospital. A great experience to bring me further in my career.
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      Benji Martin
      All staff very pleasant and nothing too much trouble, food was very good much better than other hospitals here. Room was superb modern and clean, could do with a few pictures to brighten the room up though. Thanks
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