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    • 17/12/2018
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      stephanie dosthene
      Now i know why this place is a 1 star omg
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      Ilesha Cherry
      I had x-rays done and the dentist didn't even look in my mouth. Told me that I have severe periodontal disease (which I am sure I have). Told me it was going to cost $6000. They would not treat me at all. The dentist was belittling and beyond rude. I think I would prefer to have my teeth fall out. Don't waste your time, money or health!
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      Dishant Rimal
      worst place on earth. The dentist is very rude. their prices are outrages! thank god i did not let this dentist perform my oral surgery!
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      Nadine Charles
      Had damage to my gums after seeing them...that caused a cyst on my face.. that was a year ago and I'm still dealing with that.. my sisters and other family members have also had bad new dentist is a lot better..not money hungry.
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      Antonio Hamilton
      Giving this place a 1 Star not sure if I can give zero. Walked in and the head dentist had a bunch of open dry sores on his hand. Dentist and receptionist act like they have never dealt with insurance. Wouldn’t recommend
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