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    • 09/03/2019
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      Edouard Htt
      Really bad,you pay 50 euro for nothing
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      Tiago Ornelas
      Got a broken tooth fixed in Clínica Dental Barcelona, 4 months later the same tooth broke in the same exact place, they charged me 50€ for gluing the SAME broken piece together WITHOUT CLEANING or detartarizing any of my teeth or the broken piece, and said it would probably not hold on for another 4 months, also they were trying to push me to get a 500/600€ treatment. All of this after being in the waiting room for 1h. Not coming back and surely not recommending this clinic to anyone. _____UPDATE (ONE MONTH LATER)_____ One month after getting it “fixed” I’m having breakfast, eating a slice of soft bread and omelette, and the same piece of tooth breaks AGAIN. Thank you very much, CDB! And congratulations, this is officially the worse dentist clinic I have ever been to.
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      Mark Cloostermans
      I made an appointment (which was confirmed) for 11 am. By 11:55 I was still waiting. When I went to complain, the front desk had no idea what was going on. They checked with a dentist and apparently, I would be helped "pretty soon now". I walked out straight away. If they can't respect an agenda, why would I trust them with my teeth?
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      Eyad Oum
      I was in excrutiating pain and they had emergencies during the weekend. The dentist was fantastically good, and short wait time was really appreciated. Staff were very courteous too. Anyway, when it comes to billing they tend to hide costs in a tacky way. I was presented with a bill for first visit and I had to ask for total cost two times. They finally showed me a number -on a calculator- which was not true at the end, and I had to pay more. Overall, I was in pain, so I don't mind the extra cost, but I mind hiding it.
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      Ras B
      Expensive but quick & painless although sometime badly executed work, I went in without an appointment for a chiped filling and it came out in two months, but they fixed it quickly for free.
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