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      Descubre a un equipo de dentistas y especialistas preparados para cuidar tu salud dental con distintos tratamientos dentales en Guadalajara.

      Desde nuestra clínica dental Guadalajara tendrás la oportunidad de beneficiarte de distintos servicios que te permitirán lucir la mejor de las sonrisas, desde la odontología general a otros tan específicos como la ortodoncia, la estética o la implantología dental.
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    • 28/03/2019
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      Roshan Parikh
      I liked this place. Their skim milk based spread was not too flavorful, but their mushroom crepes were delicious. Not obscenely priced at all so I appreciate this place. I highly recommend this place. I intend to go back
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      Cara Stephens
      This place blew me away. It was an intimate location with outstanding food. We did the $49 experience (unlimited small plates with drinks), and it was 100% worth it. They even brought us out this welcome dessert at the end. Definitely found our new favorite spot to go in DC.
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      HH at Ambar was a success! Two bars, one upstairs one downstairs and service is relative swift and great. I tried the mussels paired with a glass is white wine but there’s definitely more to be discovered. I captured pictures of the menu in order to cut down on your decision time. ?
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      Alex Keckeisen
      We went to Ambar in Capitol Hill for the all you can eat and drink brunch and received great food and service. We opted for the "Balkan Experience," which is all-you-can-eat-and drink for two-hours. With a large group like we had, the chef "created the menu" by just making everything and continuously bringing it out to our table. You are limited to four mimosas and a bloody mary for your drinking options, but the assortment of fruity mimosas will keep you happy and hydrated during your time. Sometimes at large brunch spots, you can feel like you're being forgotten, but the staff at Ambar continuously brought out food and refilled our drinks without even having to flag down a waiter. We had a good time and would choose Ambar again for brunch, particularly for a large group.
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      Madeline Morrow
      I had a wonderful experience here. Took my mom To Ambar for her birthday and they made it so special, they brought a dessert with candles and everything. Our waiter was fantastic, attentive to the whole group and made sure glasses were always full. Quality service and always amazing food.
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