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    • 14/08/2018
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      Sam Cowens
      All staff are super friendly and professional. I’ve had a couple visits here and will always return. The staff are gentle and accommodate to your needs at no hassle. If you are affraid of the dentist then believe me this is the place you need to go. They take their time and do not rush you. I have a further 4 appointments with them over the next few weeks to complete my treatment. Payment is not an issue and they can divide payments if your cost is of a higher amount. Nothing is too much for them. Fantastic!! ADDING TO THIS AFTER MY TEMPORARY CROWNS/BRIDGE- I have a full set of teeth! My god does it feel weird! Photos to come, such an amazing process of how a random technician, who has never met you before can make moulds and make you the perfect smile. A massive shout out to Castalla Dental Clinic for their wonderful and professional service. If you have fears of the dentist and I know most of us do, I can promise you 100% that Elena and her team will make sure your needs are accounted for, before they do any work. I highly recommend them and their prices are absolutely fantastic compared to others in the area. I have been on their books since I have been in Spain and nothing is ever a bother or hard work. They are their to make sure you are happy and relaxed, and to make sure your teeth are the upmost importance. Of course this is my own personal opinion of the clinic and I’m sure others will have their views, but I thought I would share my experience with you all.
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      Nicol OLENDER
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      Alejandro Mateo
      Clínica muy profesional, una atención excelente y un trato muy familiar. Precio económico. Lo recomiendo.
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      Manu Martín
      Clínica dental muy recomendable. Trato muy profesional y exquisito. Muy satisfecho con el trabajo realizado.
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