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    • 26/03/2019
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      William Webster
      My wife and I have been clients for many years. Never once have we been disappointed. The service is very efficient. Appointments are kept on time and accommodate your travel distance... mine is 2.5 hours each way. The equipment is state of the art and the prices will offer a good savings over North American equivalents. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
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      Mathias Stave
      This is the best dentist I have ever been to. Highly recommended. If you are looking for a dentist in DR, look no further.
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      Junior Moise
      I highly recommend Dental Cibao Spa, I’ve been to dental care in different places around the world, so far I rank them as the best. I’m giving this place double 5 stars, they are amazing!!! very professional and straightforward, they make you feel so comfortable, their approach to customers is unique. I had a major work done and the whole process went pain free, NOW I HAVE MY SMILE BACK!!
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      Jonathan Molina
      Hi, my name is Jonathan Molina I'm from the United States, I found out about Dental Cibao Spa through a family member, after doing some research and asking many questions to Ms. Ninoska which by the way she's very professional and nice at answering everything, I decided to schedule an appointment while taking advantage of my short trip to Santiago DR. Dental Cibao Spa exceeded my expectations, from the moment I arrived I liked the place, it's location is great, very clean, I walked in the dental office and everything was excellent, the way they treat you, the equipment they use. After filling some paperwork, I was seen by (3) specialists Dr. Enrique Rojas, Dr. Listher and a Orthodontist, I was explained my treatment and I was also giving information that I wasn't even provided with back in the United States and I was unaware of, since they use state of the art equipment, it's easy for you to understand what they are explaining. If you need 3D x-rays or tomography, you don't have to go off site, upstairs or you can do it downstairs and there's also like a spot where you can grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately due to my short trip, I was unable to do any work on my teeth, I need between 7-10 days for follow ups to be conducted after my surgery and to make sure every is going well, but I'll be returning before May to start my treatment and I am more than sure that their work would be perfect. Thanks and see you in a few, Jonathan M.
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      Justine Diaz
      I went to Dental Cibao Spa to get braces that weren't covered by my health insurance. I ended up needing multiple surgeries and it all still came out to a fraction of the cost US orthodontists were charging just for brackets. The office is gorgeous and truly feels like a spa. They've been the most relaxing dental visits I've ever had and the best part is the staff! Absolute geniuses in their field. They explain every option thoroughly and make sure you feel confident in your decision. The assistants and front desk staff are super sweet and really do everything in their hands to make you feel comfortable. Overall great experience. I would definitely recommend!
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