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      Clínica Dental , especialistas en cirugía y estética dental.
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    • 27/03/2019
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      Brendan Condron
      Excellent experience at this practice. Was my wife and I first visit to a dentist in Valencia and we were very happy with our treatment. We are English speakers and the staff all made things easy by speaking English to us both. Brilliant clean and very good examination. Highly recommended
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      Bob Siegfried
      Dr. Cots and his staff did their level best to squeeze me in when I popped a crown last week, and I am appreciative. Dr. Cots also arrived at a solution to a problem I have with a pocket between two teeth - an approach that makes good sense to me, and one which was never suggested by my dentist in the U.S. Additionally, my wife has received very satisfactory treatment from Doctor Cots and staff. We consider him and his staff our 'go to' group for dental work now.
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      Chris Nation
      I am so glad I picked this clinic for my treatment. I have had first class treatment for an implant and a root canal. Everything has been handled with care, professionalism and thoroughness. And the result - perfect. I'm off for a 6 month check-up this afternoon. It will be a pleasure!
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      Michael Kiengman
      Really they are the best dental clinic in Valencia city. Trust me!
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      Jon Turgeon
      My husband & I had our teeth cleaned with an exam and we both felt the care we received was great, very professional, friendly and individualized. The staff could speak enough English & us enough Spanish to communicate. Out teeth are much cleaner now! The cost was very reasonable also.
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