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    • 17/08/2018
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      Stephan E.
      refrain from assistance. Money's awesome!
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      Nabeel Nasir
      I went first time in this clinic for normal teeth cleaning session with my Friend and we both faced horrible treatment.Please do not try this clinic.They are Brutal and very unprofessional.
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      Julian Pardo
      Quick and good attention. Dentist was really good, provided me an explanation in depth and did a great job. Prices are fair.
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      Fabio Giannini
      We went this morning for an emergency. They prescribe us an anthibiotic without any charge for the visit. Very professional and friendly. :)
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      Iftach Chiel
      The appointment was delayed in half an hour without an advanced notice. Hygiene in general and of the treatment particularly didn't comply with my standards. The teeth cleaning that I had wasn't done very professionally either and was shorter than I remember it should take (only last about 10 minutes?). It must be a very expensive place as well, as they wanted to charge me 50 euros for this short teeth cleaning. When asking another clinic they quoted 20 euros. What happened to me is that because they don't speak too much english they said it will cost 15 instead of 50 so I was happy to go ahead and made and appointment. After service is done and I came to pay at the counter the lady again told me "15 please" I handed over the money and she than wrote on a paper "50". I told her no way because it's their fault and at the end we agreed on 25. The only good thing about this place is that the staff are nice. Will I go back there? Probably not.
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