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    • 20/03/2019
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      [Better alternative: Eki Dental] They speak English, the quality of service is decent, but despite asking several times, they failed to add critically important fissure sealants (see photo) on my molars. I asked for this fissure sealants back in January 2017 and once more in July 2018, and my request was ignored on both visits despite paying around €800 in total. The "doctor" said he will add the same fissure sealants as in the photograph, yet instead he drilled around a bit to remove some cavities but added no protection to my fissures, charged me 200EUR+ and left. In the UK the dentist tells you step by step what he/she will do and what you may feel or hear, but not here. I have difficulties trusting this business as the results are so different to what I wanted, and I have the suspicion that they maliciously ignore customer requests so that they can force you to go through several expensive "treatments" just to make them more money. I am not a cow you can milk for money. I want adequate service in return! Due to failing twice I have reported this practice for fraud and will seek professional treatment in London where dentists listen to customers, and when you ask them for fissure sealants you get high quality, long lasting sealants.
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      Angel Reche
      Llevo yendo a la clínica Queipo desde pequeño y nunca he tenido ningún problema, sino todo lo contrario. El trato es excelente, el personal excepcional y la calidad de su trabajo inmejorable. Altamente recomendable.
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      Miguel Durán Ocón
      Mala experiencia. Fui para una primera cita, de diagnóstico y presupuesto. Después de esperar más de 30 minutos con respecto a la hora que tenía la cita, nada más abrir la boca, me sugieren que pague 40 euros por una radiografía especial - que debe ser tecnología punta de la NASA, por lo menos -. En cualquier otra clínica, toda cita primera de diagnóstico es totalmente gratuita y tras proponer el presupuesto por escrito, el cliente decide. NO RECOMENDABLE
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      Laura Frank
      I went for a routine dental cleaning and found the staff very professional. Everyone was patient with my poor Spanish and made every effort to find documents in English as well as have English speaking staff come in to discuss the care I was going to receive. I would recommend this place for any needed dental care.
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      Søren Nielsen
      They advertise for a free dental check, and the dentist who checked me was only a sales person!! He could out of nowhere tell me that I had 4 holes in my teeth, without X-ray!! He told me to fix it here, instead of Denmark where I am from, because it was "So cheap here". I refused! When going to Denmark, the dentist could not see any holes! When taking a X-ray he found 1 small hole, but not where the "dentist" sales person from Spain mentioned!! The price was also the same in Denmark as their clinic. I was chocked! They really want to destroy healthy teeth?!! They only want to make money - I will never ever recommend these persons! Fancy and beautiful place, but the people are sales persons - nothing else!!
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