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    • 29/11/2018
      por A Google User
      Dr Cordoba's patience and knowledge have given me a life that I love living. I started working with Dr Cordoba in 2005 and continue checking in with him to this day. I have Bipolar I. He was quick to identify my first major manic episode in 2008. He had an effective game plan and worked daily with my Dad to help keep me on the right doses, and how to keep me out of trouble during that time. Cordoba helped get my SSDI Disability case approved in 2011, which has a huge positive impact and made my life manageable. He has been understanding and respectful of my Eating Disorder recovery, and has worked well within my recovery team. He has also helped me with treating my Narcolepsy. I appreciate that Dr Cordoba prescribes medication in slow increments and tries to find the lowest effective doses. I have been stable and happy for about 7 years now. I still have occasional anxiety episodes, and life still happens, but I am able to manage it and I look forward to each day. I am truly grateful Dr Cordoba. thank you!!
      por A Google User
      Kindhearted, emphatic, personable therapist with a passion to see you grow mentally and physically. There's not much more you could ask for in a therapist. Dr. Cordoba is a one of a kind gem, I'm blessed to have in my life. He enlightened and lifted me from the darkness - using differing degrees of therapy and techniques. Dr. C. has been providing me invaluable care over the past few years that has made my life enjoyable, easy, and free of fear. Well worth the cost of our sessions. I feel renewed with life when leaving the office!
      por A Google User
      The best doctor I have ever seen! If you are looking for someone who is empathetic, encouraging, and an excellent listener look no further. Thank you so much for all you do you are truly gifted!
      por A Google User
      Dr. Cordoba failed me. I made the choice to try Dr. Cordoba in the fall of last year because I desperately needed help. My situation was bad enough that I thought spending $600 on a one-hour appointment might save my life. It took me months to get in to see him for the first time, but when I finally did, I found the first visit encouraging. Dr. Cordoba scheduled my second visit incorrectly. He offers 30-minute sessions for medication management for $195, and 1-hour talk therapy sessions for $300. I don’t believe in 30-minute “med-management” sessions, so I booked an hour session. He ended our appointment after 30 minutes. He apologized and said we’d do an hour the next time. I had to reschedule our third appointment, so I called ahead of time to make the change. I left a voicemail for his receptionist and asked for a call back; I never received a response. I left another voicemail a week later to schedule an appointment and request a prescription refill. The prescription was refilled but I didn’t receive a call back to reschedule. Being as desperate as I was, it was easy to feel discouraged by the lack of response from Dr. Cordoba and his receptionist. I decided that I would continue to take the medication he had prescribed me until I heard back from them. 9 months went by, and I finally received a voicemail from his receptionist telling me that I needed to come in for an appointment because they hadn’t seen me for a while. I called to schedule an appointment first thing Monday. I didn’t receive a response. I called to follow up Tuesday afternoon and left another voicemail. his receptionist finally called me later that evening and told me that I had to wait for Dr. Cordoba to call me back in the next couple of days. By Friday, I had not heard from him. After leaving two more voicemails, my prescription was refilled but I didn’t receive a call back. Seeking help from Dr. Cordoba was the last line of defense for me. It took everything I had to try to seek that help while I was in such a dire state. The lack of response I got from him was enough to turn me away. He did not help me, and I feel that the repeated communication problems I had with him are irresponsible when dealing with people who may be in a desperate situation, as I was.
      por A Google User
      Dr. Cordoba is very knowledgeable and kind. He's a great psychiatrist and knows his stuff. He's the best psychiatrist I've ever worked with. He is caring and compassionate and takes time to talk to you as well as medicate you. He never rushes you and he is always concerned that you are at your optimum levels of medications. He takes care of his patients and is there for them. He's never let me down. I've been going to him for several years and hope to see him for many years to come.