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      Implantología Dental y Cirugía Oral
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    • 22/12/2018
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      Luz Westphal Cruz
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      Casillas David
      I have had extensive work done over the past 10+ years with the Gonzalez family and it has been a wonderful experience. 6 crowns four root canals and braces at about 35% of what my US dentist wanted to charge.
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      Ben Willard
      Outstanding Dentist that provide quality work, using state of the art equipment at a very fair price. In 2006 my wife and me both needed dental work. She required extensive work. A large portion of hers was to correct a botched job on her entire uppers by a high priced "specialist" in Sarasota, Florida. We asked for references from four long term Tucson, Rio Rico and Green Valley residents. Three of them had been satisfied patients of the Gonzales family, owners of the Clinic Del Sol for some time. One going to them over 15 years. They straightened out all of my wife's upper dental issues and, took care of her lowers .... This gave her a perfect mouth and confident smile for the first time in her adult life. I was moved to write this review today when I noticed a 1 star rating from the only reviewer. With the Internet small businesses need accurate and thoughtful reviews from they positive or negative. I highly recommend the Gonzales fsmily and their clinic. Go and get your teeth cleaned, great service and price, and have them quote what you need. Get appiintment from 10 am on, park at the Ueta lot adjacent to the border. It is right at the terminus of Interstate 19 just past the 1st lot. Buy booze and/or cigs duty free, get free parking, walk across the border. I get a cab to the clinic right where one steps out of the Mexican government crossing area. $5 each way ...I tip $2...5 or 6 min ride. I usually walk back and shop. You can still cross into Mexico with a drivers license and birth certificate. Incidentally, the first Pharmacy on the left when you come thru the turnstile into Nogales has the best prices. Tell them the guy that tells jokes sent you. I also thank and tell jokes to the US border patrol officers each time I come back. imho They are protecting us and deserve thanks from all of us, US Citizens. I am going in for a teeth cleaning this week. I will extend this review later as time permits. I need to describe the quality and cost benifits of the Dental Lab that they have on the upper floor of the clinic.
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      Vicente Reyna Chávez
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      J Long
      In my experience, Dr. Adalberto Gonzalez is intolerant of being asked questions. I was referred to him by a trusted friend. After 2 visits to his clinic, one of which he did not even show up or offer an explanation for, my 3rd visit was the day my procedures were scheduled. I was very nervous about the procedure and had already expressed that to Dr. Gonzalez the day prior. After waiting in the lobby for :40, I was directed to exam room #3. The very first thing I was told upon entering the room was, not good morning, how are you, etc., but, and I quote; Dr. Gonzalez- "Only one". Not understanding what he meant I asked, "Only one what"? His response, " Only one question". Me- "You know I'm a nervous wreck about this procedure, you're kidding right?" Dr. Gonzalez- "No, only one question. I have to go play golf". I was stunned. He was very serious. After taking a break to run down and get a panoramic X-ray by his neighboring dental office (his clinic does not have this type of equipment) I determined that I did not want Dr. Gonzalez to continue what I considered to be a major procedure. I felt that his mind would be on his golf game more than the work he was doing on me and thinking that he may feel compelled to rush through the procedure, I was not comfortable . I was already very nervous about it. When Dr. Gonzalez learned that I did not want to continue the procedure, he came into the lobby where my friend and one other client was waiting and proceeded to tell me (in front of everyone) that I had called his office "20 times" and ran down his severly exaggerated calculation of hours that he had to spend on the phone with me answering questions. It was obvious that he was annoyed by answering questions and that he exaggerated the truth. For the record, my recollection of phone conversations with Dr. Gonzalez were 4. True, I had questions. I do not apologize for that. Not today, not ever. This experience cost me $900. The price for partials that were already constructed which I will most probably never use. I have to add that my on my second visit (the one that the Dr. did not show up for) I conferred with his sister Czarina, also a dentist, and she was very patient and helpful. I'd also like to say that the front desk assistant (I can't remember her name) gave my friend and I a ride to the border on my second visit. Other things that may be noteworthy are; I never completed any paperwork upon 1st visit or ever. The office really knew nothing about me or my medical history. The office is a small, family practice and is located about 4 blocks from the border entrance. Although I was told I had infection in my mouth, no antibiotics were prescribed prior to my scheduled procedure.
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