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      Rehabilitación oral, Prostodoncia o Prótesis dental, Periodoncia , Endodoncia, Odontopediatría, Ortodoncia, Odontogeriatría, Cirugía maxilofacial o cirugía oral, Implantología oral, Odontología estética o cosmética, Odontología preventiva, Cariología, Tratamiento Patología bucal, Prótesis maxilofacial.
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    • 18/03/2019
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      Liana Soares
      Excellent doctor. The assistants is something else though. Very polite, explain you what's happening with your child. Very full though, not easy to book an appointment.
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      indron Neranjan
      Dr.Roger Saldana is a caring and wonderful doctor he did a surgery (ACL) on my son and couldn't ask for a better doctor and staff they are all wonderful in his office.
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      Lorena Saldana
      Dr Saldana is the best. His professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend him.
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      Jennifer Schell
      Dr. Saldana treated our son since day 1 of life and completely fixed his hips. My son loves him. Very caring and smart doctor. Baptist was also way closer and more convenient than Nicklaus, which is a plus....that being said, would follow Dr Saldana anywhere.
      Opinión de
      Dee Paul
      I sincerely thought this was a great Doctor until my son re-injured his knee, Dr Saldana had treated him for previous injuries 3 months prior, so when my son got hurt playing Bball it was a NO BRAINER to call Dr Saldana’s office to bring him in.. I was basically told Dr Saldana could not accommodate my son and to take him to E.R! My issue is if Dr Saldana is his sports Dr, why should I go to the E. R incur unnecessary hospital fees for them to refer my son back to him (this has happened twice), nothing is done at the hospital and I’m referred back to Dr Saldana ?.! The office has never been crowded to point the office could not see my child, I missed a day from work with the hopes of getting a walk-in appointment. The office manager BARBRA WAS NO HELP AND INSENSITIVE TO MY CHILD NEEDS!! And they don’t check messages I had to call the office for 2 hours before reaching someone..REALLY..? At 8 am there’s no way the office is that busy! Spring break over and kids are in school!
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