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    • 20/03/2019
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      Rena Allen
      So glad I met Dr. Sales. He really listens and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. He is really easy to talk to. He is very personable. So many in this field are not. I would highly recomend him. He is really booked up, but don't hesitate to make an appointment, because there may be cancellations and you can get in sooner.
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      Matthew Debisschop
      His secretary wanted my medical records and insurance information but would not guarantee that I would get an appointment with in the next 6 months. I tried two separate times to set an appointment and his support staff were crass and not informed on both occasions.
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      Amanda Shepard
      I *only gave 1 star because it didn't give me the option of zero. Dr. Sales and his office are the most unprofessional medical office I have been too in the whole 34 years of my life. The morale of the office is very off, and the staff is seemingly strangely controlled in an unhealthy way, my guess is by Doctor. I went to him for medication for my child. Its important to me that we work together as a team to help my child get better, but instead he repeatedly made me feel like I don't know my child or anything about her ADHD or ADHD in general (I've done research on this for years). I wanted to do continual research on her ADHD with with the reports from the teacher that were in her file, so I called and requested all them from the office (as the parent, I have legal right to all of those reports and anything else I want in her file). They asked me why, which I thought odd, so I told them I wanted to continue with my research (plus I wanted them for the new psychiatrist I found a few weeks back that I didn’t want to tell him about until I got these papers in my hands). She said she would have to ask the doctor and check his policies, but she wasn't sure if he would give them to me. He ended up calling me back a little bit later and told me I had 30 days to find a new doctor. So, he was unwilling to send me the teacher reports which he can’t legally do. The headaches are not worth it folks. Sales doesn’t listen at all. Don’t ever ask to be changed to a different medication if you feel yours isn’t working or the side effects are bad. Don’t come in with the research you’ve done because that ticks him off. Don’t you dare question him about the meds you’re on. The staff never returns phone calls. This is just the tip of the iceberg of issues I have had with him and the staff, and we’ve only seen him 5 times folks. Take my advise, FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Robert Young is a great start. The wait to see someone there is TOTALLY worth it over seeing him. If you can't wait and need medication quicker, see about getting into a family practice doctor or pediatrician until you can get into a psychiatrist.
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      I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Sales. I really don't understand the negative reviews. Yes, I've had a couple crabby office staff members on the phone I've dealt with, but all in all I've had very positive visits at this office. I would recommend Dr. Sales 100%.
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      A C
      I have been going to him for 5 years for ADHD. He has been very helpful in listening to my experience and finding the right balance of medication. I have not experienced what some reviewers have complained about. I have only experienced a thoughtful and educated doctor. Perhaps there is an expectation that every doctor is a specialist in every area of their field. I do not have that expectation but rather that the doctor help me find the best solution (even if it's a referral to another physician) for my needs. Thanks for all you do, Dr. Sales!
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