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      Odontologia, Implantologia,Estetica Dental, Blanqueamiento, Endodontia,Saneamientos completos, Miedo del dentista, limpieza profesional
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    • 11/03/2019
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      Moderne Zahnarztpraxis mit Geräten auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik
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      Luz Rodriguez Gonzalez
      En un control rutinario el Dr. Bäumchen me puso en conocimiento que uno de mis dientes estaba más oscuro debido a una infección del nervio que casualmente no me producía dolor. Me hizo una radiografía y se confirmó su diagnóstico. El diente fue tratado y hoy luce blanco como los demás. Estoy muy agradecida por su tratamiento y competente diagnóstico.
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      Joyce Johnson
      Dr F Baumchen recommended I had tooth onlay to a molar. Days later I experienced pain when eating hot and cold food. Within only a few months the tooth nerve had died leading to root canal treatment. Eventually an extraction was required on what was, originally a perfectly good tooth. He told me it would last 30 years !
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      France Hyman
      I broke a teeth and had to find a dentist in emergency they immediatly received me , the team and the dentist were so nice and so professional I cannot recommand better place to go to !!! They took care of me with kindness, and explained every step I felt a lots of confidence being there ... most important : no more pain !!!
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      Christian WERNER
      1 week ago i had an emergency and arrived at this clinica dental with a lot of pain. I didn´t have an appointment and the entire team around Dr. Wehmeyer was very caring and supportive. Dr. Wehmeyer, even under time pressure, due to holiday season, took a lot of time to fix my issue, i had to undergo a root canal therapy in order to reduce the pressure of the nerve and lose the pain, he even explained me every detail of the steps and he saved my existing pontic which I thought had to be completely removed. I can highly recommend this dentist and I am very grateful that he saved my tooth and my weekend !
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