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    • 13/07/2019
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      Ben Donachie
      Highly recommend for foreigners. Their English was ok. Very quick and clean.
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      Peter Khayat
      I had to be transferred from the private hospital next to it to San Carlos and to be honest the people accompanying me and I did not expect such an excellent quality of attention, way better than in the previous one, especially considering that it is a public entity. All the staff (doctors, nurses, administration, helpers etc) was very helpful and friendly, despite the chaos there due to the huge number of patients being attended or waiting to be attended. I highly recommend it for foreigners with a non-Spanish medical insurance. They admitted me without validating my insurance credentials, and I think you have 20 days to deal with the payment (which your insurance should take care of).
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      P Gallardo
      It has not the newest hospital facilities in Madrid but I value the most their staff and professionalism. This hospital is a reference in Spain.
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      Beeshmoy Kumar Mohanty
      They pulled off a major surgery, thanks to them now I can use my almost pound to pieces left elbow
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      Harold Tr
      Great clinic. I allways going here when I need profesional care. Proffesional personal, great doctors and nurses. Also, this hospital can make fast receptions. You wil never wait near a doctor office long time. Also, here is very clean I never worry about diseases or backterys that I could get by touching the same things like sick people. Great hospital;)
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