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    • 22/03/2019
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      I had several appointments with Dr. Luis. Honestly talking this clinic is professional. Quality service, experience and good hygiene. I recommend it 100%.
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      Samah Miri
      The best clinic in Barcelona, I have been to many clinic before this, & all where quite confused about my case, Eva was very nice, I highly recommend this clinic ! Thank you !
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      Carles Aguiló
      I understand some of the criticism in previous reviews. I felt that 280€ for one hour of work without fore-notice of the cost was a bit too steep for my expectations. The service was correct, but I would've preferred a different approach.
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      Caglayan Gürbüz
      Had an emergency today on my front tooth which needed fixing immediately. Doctor Garrigan and the colleagues accepted me as a tourist immediately and were very warm welcoming. Not only did my tooth get fixed shortly after but also the result is. Wet satisfying. I am very happy with the kind service and professionalism of doctor garriga. Many thanks to you and your team!
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      Da Me
      Mine has been quite a journey... I've been to this clinic about 6/7 times in just over a month. Luis is a great dentist. He and his team were very helpful and overall very nice and friendly people. Luis: as I told you the last time I was there: you are an artist and a great professional, but I sincerely hope not to see you for a while... ;-) I highly recommend this clinic. Un saludo, Davide
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