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    • 30/08/2017
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      Aoife Leddy
      My husband has a serious phobia of the dentist and as a result, treatment was neglected over a decade. Not surprisingly, his teeth became quite bad and he needed a lot of work done. We were looking for a reputable dentist that could offer full sedation for the treatment. Luckily we found Dentist Gilabert. Incredibly clean, very professional and understanding about my husband's fear. They explained and reassured him every step of the way, offered free follow up appointments and free check ups every 6 months to ensure he gets over his fear and starts to take care of his teeth again. The sedation was carried out safely by a team of professionals from the hospital and his condition was monitored throughout. The dental work was carried out using the very latest technology and modern methods. He is delighted with the result. He had two root canals, three wisdom teeth extractions and ten fillings (including a reconstructive filling on his front tooth). All under one sedation session and he didn't have black eyes/swelling (his jaw did ache though). They even did a scale and polish for him to finish off. We would highly recommend Dental Gilabert.
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      Ian In Spain
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      Rubén Monzón
      Me parece una clínica muy profesional y creo que sus precios son muy ajustado.
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      DC Departamento Creativo Agencia de Publicidad
      Un gran equipo de profesionales, en Orihuela y Orihuela Costa.
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      DSweb Manuel
      Que comodidad como cuentan con dos clínicas, en verano voy a Orihuela Costa (La Zenia) y en invierno me pilla mas cerca la de Orihuela ciudad. Estoy muy contento con el trato, y resovieron los problemas de mi boca dejandome una sonrisa casi perfecta. Muchas gracias.
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