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    • 02/04/2018
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      Mehdi Afellat
      El doctor Kurt Sanders es un magnífico profesional, con un trato amable que hace que ir al dentista no sea nada traumático. Me ha tratado ya en dos ocasiones, y en ambas he salido totalmente satisfecho
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      tingting fu
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      chemi dolma
      I know that a lot of English-speaking people will search for dentist, end up finding Dr. Sander, and consider going to him. I hope that my review will be helpful to these people and anyone else considering visiting Dr. Sander's clinic. I went to Dr Sander to get a consultation because my wisdom tooth had started coming in. He seemed nice enough, he gave me a consultation and explained to me what was going on. His website said that consultation was free. But when he finished looking in my mouth for 2 minutes and handing me a one-time-use packet of mouthwash, he charged me a hefty amount for his service (some 70 something Euros.) This was just too sneaky for me. So, of course I did not return. Instead I got my wisdom teeth pulled at elite dental for 42 Euros, cheaper than a consultation with Dr. Sander! In closing, I urge people to continue their search for a medical practitioner of more integrity. If you do end up going to him, do confirm with him beforehand that a consultation fee is not charged and take someone with you because his office is in a regular residential-looking building and he was the only one in the office.
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