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    • 19/03/2019
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      Carlos Estrada
      I had not been to a dentist in a while and man was that a great experience! Pain free! I even got to watch one of my favorite movies on a headset while she performed a deep cleaning. The best experience I have had at a dentist. Definitely going to go back for all my dental work!
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      Daniel Hassan
      Let me share my experience of my visit to zen-dental this morning. After an easy scheduling I went to place well located in downtown LA. Parked on the extra door public parking building (5$ After validation on zendental) The facility has a great waiting room. Is amazing how relaxed you could get after seeing the design and colors from inside. My problem was an impacted wisdom tooth ?, i got an X-ray followed by an extraction. Dr Alessandra and her assistant Marcela were very attentive to everything. I didn’t feel any pain. The whole procedure last less than 15 minutes ! Totally Recommended !!! Thank you zen dental !!!!
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      Renan Maurice
      I hadn't been to a dentist in a couple years, due to a bad experience. I finally had the courage to go see a dentist and my wife introduce me Dr. Alessandra, I can't begin to say how grateful I am. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed (thanks to the receptionist!). There's a nice cozy feel to the office. Once you're in the dreaded "chair" Dr. Alessandra and her team of hygienists make sure you feel comfortable a ready. They are clear to communicate what they are doing and pause when the occasional break is necessary. For those looking for a distraction during longer sessions they even have headsets paired with Netflix! Personally I had a lot to be done, cavities, crown and cleaning. All it took was two visits and were near painless and they reached out to me after each appointment to see how I was doing. In addition, Dr. Alessandra was also concerned with other aspects of my oral health and helped me create new routines and action plans to help prevent further damage in the future.  The hygienist I had was great. She took her time and wasn't rough with me.  Dr. Alessandra is seriously the best! To the way she went over my teeth with me and just chatting. She really helped me have an enjoyable experience! After my first cleaning in 2 years I was surprisingly looking forward to the next time I would be in the office. Never thought I'd say that! Just an amazing office overall!!!
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      James Gomez
      First off, this place really bullied me into writing a five star review when I went to them. I decided not to do so. Now that I am no longer a customer of theirs I feel that I can give an honest opinion here. They were not up front about any of the costs with root canals and with crowns. They send you elsewhere to get the root canal done, this other place drains any insurance that you have. Then you come back to them for the crown (you can't go very long without a crown after a root canal). You're forced to pay them for the service. I paid everything up front, as I didn't want any bills. The treatment was moderately adequate. I do have to say that the topical anesthesia for the gums did not numb me and the dentist didn't care! The crown also ended up coming out a year after that, so I went to another dentist for a quick fix (they are now my regular dentist). Two years later (today) I received a bill in the mail saying "final attempt" for almost $500, they never tried contacting me before and now I owe them money? This is disgraceful. BEWARE OF THESE SCAM ARTISTS AND FAKE REVIEWS (Save your money and go elsewhere)! UPDATE: They also "responded" saying it's for another office - don't believe them. This is ridiculous ... protect yourself and go elsewhere!
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      Jonathan Yuen
      I have found a new dentist and her name is Alessandra. My old dentist only saw me as a customer and didn't offer advice or care about my teeth, so I went out looking for a new dentist. The moment I sat in Alessandra's chair, she immediately made me feel comfortable and took notice of my teeth's condition. I grind my teeth bad and have been for years but my old dentist never made a comment however Alessandra gave me some advice and even recommended a specialist to help assist me with another procedure. Not only that, I was able to see her in less than 48 hours after I reached out; everywhere else had over a week wait. Hands down the best and I highly highly highly recommend Alessandra.
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