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      Clínica Dental - Odontología. Ortodoncia. Implantología. Estética Dental. Carillas y Blanqueamiento. Tu dentista de confianza a un precio amable. Nuestra experiencia profesional es tu garantía.
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    • 16/03/2019
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      Ethan Pluh
      Solo una palabra para describí mi experiencia “ EXCELENTE “ . La atención fue extraordinaria, en la entrada Hind fue sumamente agradable y luego me atendió la Dra. María José, ofreció un servicio 100٪؜ profesional con resultados magníficos. Los recomiendo sin duda alguna y por seguro los volveremos a visitar .
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      Felipe Torralbo
      I would highly recommend the Clinic. Very happy with the staff and the warm and friendly atmosphere. I’ve had professionally-delivered care. Thanks!
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      Now we have a bighit family
      From the minute you walk into the Reception, you are treated really well and respected. The consultant was a Good-Natured who was very warm in both attitude and sympathy. The op was very quick with no pain whatsoever and the nurse who stayed with me was a lovely funny lady. I actually enjoyed the whole experience, which I was a bit nervous on arrival! I highly recommend these great professional people and if I need more surgery in the future, I would happily visit the hospital again. Thanks for all the caring and company.
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      Natalia Vdovkina
      I had a terrible experience with the esthetics team at this clinic. I did a Cosmelan peel which did not work. The mask applied was the wrong colour and texture too. The clinitian said that the problem was with the supplier, Mesoestetic. Whilst I accept this explanation, I do not understand why a professional who was intrusted to carry out a serious procedure would continue to put something so obviously wrong on someone’s face. At one point she did comment she found it difficult to apply but put it down to my skin (she thought it was oily which it isn’t) and still carried on. I do not have confidence in her experience, knowledge or ethics. The experience caused me a lot of stress, tears and sleepless nights. I still do not know what was used on my face, what long term effect it might have and how soon I could repeat the treatment (obviously in a different clinic!). I didn’t feel much empathy either but feel relieved my 475 EUR were refunded.
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      info spanienkusten
      A very professional team and a nice dental clinic. I recommend Marbeclinic
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