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      Todos las especialidades. Avalados por profesionales especializados en Prótesis, Endodoncia, Ortodoncia Brackets Estéticos e invisibles, Invisalign Periodoncia, Implantología, Pacientes Especiales, Odontopediatría y Estética Dental.
      Financiamiento disponible sin intereses. Clínica de referencia en la zona de Moratalaz, Vicálvaro, Puerta De Arganda, Vallecas.
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    • 29/03/2019
      por Ailish Arroyo Bujase
      Me encantan, te hacen sentir una gran confianza de ponerse en sus manos y son muy cercanos, Evelyn la doctora una profesional con un gran amor por los niños que les hace olvidarse de miedo y ver todo de una forma divertida. Lo dicho, me encantan
      por JOSE LONGO
      This was my first time being here! Staff is effecient and welcoming. When finding a dentist office it's not easy but was amazed by the service and top of the line technology/facilities . Very well run office and excelent service.
      por Abel Aquino
      I was greeted with great enerygy and preofessionalism. I made an appointment for a ordinary clean up and they went above and beyond my expectation. I received a full assessment of my dental health and helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy dental. I would recommend Mundo Bucal to anyone who wants a personalized experienced along with great overall service.
      por yuly vanessa caraballo españa
      The atention was excellent, I recommend it because the dentists are so profesional and their work too. It is the best dental clininic because they have good prices and an excelent service
      por Carolina Aquino
      If you are in Madrid and need any dental work go to Mundo Bucal. As soon as you enter, you are greeted with a really warm friendly staff with great hospitality. They are trust worthy and professional, and willing to answer any questions you may have regarding dental health! I have left with a great smile and satisfied with my dental work!