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      At Clinica Dental Zen, on the Costa Blanca, we believe in offering the highest standard of treatment available to modern dentistry.
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    • 31/03/2019
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      Kashif Dada
      I would like to give special kudos to Dr Nancy Haupt, BEST & MOST DETAILED DENTIST I've ever seen IN MY LIFE. she should have been a design engineer. Michelle was really detailed with her cleaning. Very good too
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      Lynn Mckenzie
      I would highly recommend DentalZen. The team is phenomenal and super accommodating Dr. Sadek is wonderful and very informative about all procedures. I couldn't be happier with this office.
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      Victoria Bakker
      I had such a great experience at Dentalzen. Dr. Sadek was very pleasant.
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      Chris Yasmeen
      Great experience. The lady who did our cleaning (Renata) was super nice to deal with and we both enjoyed talking with her. I would say this place was a little pricier then we expected but it was great service. We definelty will be returning.
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      Neetu Gupta
      Hard to find good customer service and caring clinicians. keep it up
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