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      En RB Dental hemos diseñado una clínica en la que el paciente se sieta en un ambiente acogedor y disfrute de un clima relajado, tranquilo y de máxima confianza, desde el momento que entra por la puerta y a lo largo de toda la visita médica.
      La cínica está dotada de unas lujosas instalaciones, confortables y modernas, de una tecnología de vanguardia, de los equipos más avanzados y de un cuadro medico de especialistas de alto nivel.
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    • 27/03/2019
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      Molly Fieldsend
      I can’t say enough about RB Dental. The entire staff from the receptionist to the dental hygienists and Dr. O go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable during your visit. Everyone in the office is so professional and compassionate. I look forward to my visits! The office is beautiful, peaceful and state of the art. I highly recommend RB dental.
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      Charra Wudtee
      My Review: I highly recommend RB Dental for taking care of your dental needs. Dr. Ruth Owusu-Boahene is patient, trustworthy, and reassuring. I genuinely believe that you will be treated with care and dignity (not merely someone from whom to gain a profit). I hope that if you take the time to seek out her practice that you not be afraid to express your concerns and discuss your options in depth. She is certainly one of the best in the practice and most compassionate dentists that I have ever met! My Experience: I am a student without dental insurance. I was referred to this location by a friend who enjoyed a cleaning that he had received. When I called to schedule an appointment, the receptionist was very friendly and help me to consider a few options to meet my concerns about the cost of an evaluation and extraction. During my initial visit (evaluation), I was worried because I needed an extraction for my bottom right molar (tooth #30) for which the crown fell off. The receptionist was welcoming and the waiting area was beautiful. I arrived 20 minutes early and was seen within 10 minutes of arriving (as I first needed to fill out the new patient forms). After meeting with Dr. Ruth, I learned that the tooth would need to be surgically extracted. I did not look forward to having surgery but I understood the necessity of the procedure because Dr. Ruth took the time to explain the state of my tooth to me. We looked at my x-rays and the options available to me post-extraction (implants, bridge, braces). I asked A LOT of questions and she answered them all. Many YouTube videos later, I was mentally prepared. My next visit was the extraction. I opted not to have the nitrous oxide or other sedatives mostly due to costs and a desire to do without. During the procedure, I moved between watching "Property Brothers" and taking glimpses of the procedure by looking at a tiny reflection in the light. Though I could tell that objects were making contact with my mouth, I felt no pain or discomfort. After the procedure, Dr. Ruth guided me through each of the ways that I needed to care for the site to aid its healing (e.g. no using straws, chewing on other side, etc.) and potential risks that I could face during recovery (e.g. dry socket, etc.). My extraction was on a Thursday and the office is closed Friday to Monday. Throughout the weekend, I was terrified that I might have had dry socket because there was a weird odor in my mouth. I returned to the office on Wednesday to have my stitches removed (painless, to my surprise) and was reassured that the blood clot was still in position. I also learned that the odor was too be expected and is a common occurrence for any body part that undergoes surgery. I had a great conversation with the dental technician about wisdom tooth removal and how I felt the extraction went. I expressed discomfort about another tooth and was given a referral to another oral surgeon because of the level of expertise that its extraction would require. I expressed disappointment that she would not be doing the procedure. She talked me through what to expect and ensured me that as her patient, I was someone she cared about and was being entrusted into the hands of someone she would even trust to do the procedure on her mother. And so I say, if you are searching for a welcoming and informative dentist then please consider Dr. Ruth. She will hear you concerns, fairly review and weigh your options with you, and recommend those with your well-being in mind. My healing since the surgery has been great and the dentist to whom I was referred (Dr. Jay Haddad) was phenomenal!
      Opinión de
      Ralph Paez
      Dr. Ruh is GREAT! She is such a pleasant person to be around and she is extremely competent with all the newest equipment that I haven't seen in other dental offices. She explains the issues clearly and you are the decision maker for what you want to do now and what can wait. Strong Recommendation!!!!
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      Freeway Unclefester
      I've been using this Dentist for the past two years and Dr. Ruth has done a spectacular job with my fillings! If you need a dentist in the Howard County area, I would definitely refer Dr. Ruth!!!
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      Janet Brewster
      I needed a dentist, a good dentist. I actually picked this practice because of the sign. After a thorough exam and x Ray, Dr O confirmed my diagnosis of a severely cracked tooth. After offering me options, we decided that pulling the tooth was the way to go. I haven’t had a tooth extracted in many years and I have dreadful memories of childhood procedures that were horrid. The procedure was totally painless and Dr O was very calming and professional as were all her staff. She also cleaned my teeth a week before the extraction and it was the best cleaning I’ve ever had. I would recommend her for children also. Beautiful office, state of the art equipment, great dentist what more could a person want?
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