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    • 21/01/2019
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      The Sad Messi
      The employees take too much just to serve a patient and I suggest on having a faster service.
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      Ariadna Leanos
      Saturday September 29 at 2:30 door closed could not open, sign said open, the gate from the parking lot was open and it had 3 cars parked, called number on sign nobody answered called 2nd time and the girl who answered said it was closed, told her your sign says OPEN and she said the practitioner might of had an emergency ?‍♀️ so the people there don't know what goes on?
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      Jay Villanueva
      This review is base on my interactions with the receptionist Cindy she is very rude the way she talks to people like if we are animals and makes it seem like we need to bow down to her . This is her job she needs to improve on customer service or just get fired if she doesn’t like her job some of the other girls are really nice. The doctors are great I have been a patient since they were at the South Gate location.but am thinking about changing clinic due to the receptionist.
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      Bridgett Valverde
      I've been coming here for 3 years +. The doctors are all good. They know there stuff. But, i feel they have to much of a work load. I feel they need to set up a system. A system in which certain days they allow walk ins. Certain days they allow patients to come in for results, and lastly new patients. The clinic is always pact. And you do wait 3 hrs +. But, i understand it isnt there fault. Its healtnets system it sucks. This is what we pay for. But i feel changes need to be made. There other clinic the one with " cash only" runs smoother. But, like i said cash only"money buys many things. Anyways, many ask if this clinic should be recommend heres my answer. NO.
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      Marina Cruz
      I was diagnosed exactly with what I had. They recommend me to MLKC Hospital and got the proper treatment I needed.
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