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    • 23/03/2018
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      Jerry Contreras
      Worst dentist I don't recommend this place
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      Suraj Pal Sharma
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      Rosa Huerta
      Really friendly that I recommend I've been going for a month!!!
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      Laura Ramirez
      The absolute worst experience I've ever had at a dentist office. Let me begin with the fact that I had an appointment for fillings at 2:00pm and I did not leave until 6:30! I got taken back and numbed at 2:15 but then the doctor would work on me for a few minutes and then leave to work on other patients. Yes, I sat there with my teeth drilled out for almost 4 hours... And they did not once ask me if I was ok. Once he finished all his other patients and finally decided to come finish my work he began drilling into my tooth and I felt excruciating pain because it had been almost four hours since he applied anesthesia and he told me I was feeling pain because my cavity was deep and not because the anesthetic had worn off. He did not apply more until I started to cry of the pain! To top it off I am completely dissatisfied with my fillings they feel uneven and rough. I already called my insurance to file a complaint. BTW I researched how long anesthesia last and it only numbs your tooth 1-2 hours... Not 4. Maybe don't overbook patients so you have enough time to give proper treatment. Beware people!
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      Aditya Verma
      well i was here for root canal treatment and i was so scared in the starting but when i met the doctor he assured me have faith in his work and told me that i shall not be scared.... and actually after the treatment i felt like it was the best place i could come for my tretment..... Really awesome treatment, friendly staff and super experienced doctors, especially i can recall dr suraj pal name who is an expert in the field.... So i think its a good place for treatment...nice stuff!!!
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