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      Clínica Odontológica Madrid
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    • 01/07/2019
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      Jessica Mejia
      They are amazing my son lost 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Very sweet and helpful staff.
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      Jennifer A. Lopez Zecua
      I like this place because I lost 14.6 pounds less then 3 weeks! Definitely recommend ?
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      kimberly Leyva
      I’m very happy because the diet with doctor Pena is giving me results in me, I have tried many other diets and broke them. Now that I’m going to doctor Pena I feel great thanks to doctor Pena.
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      Indhira Breton
      Great experience with the doctors. Help me get to the weight I want on the correct timeframe. Highly recommended.
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      julie chavarria
      Weight lost results and a new eating style made easy with this friendly staff I would definitely recommend
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