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      Clinicas Vitaldent Fernandez de los Rios especializada en servicios odontológicos integrales de calidad. La número 1 en Odontología. Dientes, limpieza, caries, odontopediatría, prótesis, ortodoncia, implantología, prótesis dental, perdiodontales, blanqueamiento.
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    • 17/02/2019
      por sebastien retail
      I only go to concerts, always a good atmosphere. Cloakroom
      por Enrique Sanchez
      intimate yet awesome music venue. Staff was great, sound quality was amazing.
      por Manuel Gagneux
      Aesthatacilly challenged place with a nice idea at its core.
      por Iñaki Serraller Vizcaino
      The doorman is a transphobe who recently assaulted a transexual person that did not fit with the disgusting, sexist, and obsolete rule which establishes guys pay to get in while girls go free (thus considering them an object of male consumption). The victim ended up in hospital with contusions and an anxiety attack, won't be going back until they clean up their act.
      por Simon Harwood
      Great gig last night but the sound engineer needs to learn a few things -kick, snare and vocals lost in a sea of guitars. Not even an eq issue just basic levels. Took about 40 minutes of headliner to make significant improvement to mix balance. The importance of the sound engineer cannot be underestimated -it's not enough to have all the gear and hook it up.
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