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    • 20/03/2019
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      BIC - Yvonne Wardle
      Nati provided my class with a very exciting box full of fun and meaningful experiments related to dental hygiene. The class of 4/5 year old children watched each experiment with excitement and enthusiasm . By the end of the week the young children were able to say, what they used their teeth for, how we should take care of our teeth and which foods we should have less of to help maintain healthy teeth. The children really benefited from Nati visiting the class and explaining the experiments in good detail. Thank you to Coped and Nati for teaching our children such an important lesson. We hope to see you next year. Love from the children and Miss Wardle at BIC.
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      BIC - Natalie Brown
      Thank you again so much to Nati who came and inspired our Nursery and Year R children as part of our ´People Who Help Us´ class topic. The children really enjoyed getting to meet a real dentist from the local community and they have been telling me about their teeth and tooth brushing with such enthusiasm ever since! They especially liked the egg experiments which helped them to see how different foods and drinks can effect their teeth. Some of the children have even decided to repeat this experiment at home with their parents. I would highly recommend ´Dental Week´ to all educational settings!
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      Debbie Eaves
      Nati has been coming into school to work with the children on dental care. The children love the the experiments Nati provides for them to carry out in school. The children are fascinated to see the effects sugary drinks may have on their teeth and how important brushing your teeth is to help to reduce plaque. We are very appreciative of this opportunity offered by COped. Thank you!
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      Matt Price
      There is nothing bad I can say about CoPed, the people are fantastic, the music is great, the waiting room is entertaining, everyone is so nice and comforting... You don’t feel pressured and in the end, the smile that comes out is so worth it. Special thanks to Lola, thank you for being patient, fun and relatable, you made this experience way more interesting. Thank you to everyone at team CoPed.
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      Miriam C
      Coped has been my dentist since I have memory. I have always received a professional and friendly care. Every single person in Coped is informative, polite and very kind. I had my braces removed 14 years ago. I live abroad at present but everytime I go they make me feel very welcome. Definitely recommended, wonderful team and excellent experience.
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