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    • 13/02/2019
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      Deta Davis
      Dr. Andras Pacheco is the best and is very professional. When I first went to him, it was because another "biological" dentist had badly damaged one of my teeth. Three other dentists said I either had to have it pulled or have a root canal. Dr. Pacheco said I had an extremely small chance of saving the tooth, but he would work with me on it. It took a long time, and many visits to be told it was fine and still healing. Now three years later, the tooth is totally healthy and pain free. When I decided to get a dental implant, Dr. Pacheco obliged my desire to have a totally ceramic implant put in. It was very smooth from beginning to end without one single problem. It has been perfect. Dr. Pacheco's explanations of everything are clear and meaningful. I have learned I can trust him, and I will not go to any other dentist in Cuenca after my previous less than stellar experiences in other dental offices.
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      Susan a
      Cuenca, Ecuador has become our annual winter escape from chilly Detroit, Michigan. Several years ago, we were referred to dentist Dr. Andre Pacheco and his staff. Dr. Pacheco always begins with a lengthy personal interview to discuss a patient’s medical history and dental needs. He and his staff speak English and Spanish so communication is no problem. My husband has had several periodontic cleanings by Dr. Pacheco, over the years, and he had a crown replaced in 2018. All procedures were done very professionally following dental protocol to which we are accustomed. I had my first regular cleaning, yesterday, and was very pleased with the results and the assessment of my dental health. I would recommend Dr. Pacheco and his staff as they are professional, kind, and patient.
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      Steve Garner
      Started with Andres and Ana Maria in 2016: I have had teeth repaired, 2 whitenings, 2 implants, 2 crowns, a root canal, an extraction and a cavity repaired. Whenever there has been an issue, ex. a crown that collected food, Andres immediately and freely fixed it completely. Pricing is exceptionally good compared to America. My cousin made me figure out that with travel, lodging and entertainment I am still saving more than 50% off of USA prices. The team Andres accesses for special work is also top notch technically and pleasant to work with as is his in-house team. You could do no better -- and much better than the highly rated lady Dentist in Cuenca.
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      TwinFlame Divine Fire
      Thank you so much for giving me an amazing smile. Your compassion and concern for my comfort was above and beyond anything I ever could have imagined. It is my hope that many people will come to you for their dental needs. Thank you for restoring my faith in Dentists!
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      K Kaulitz
      I have had several types of work done at the Find Health clinic. The staff is excellent, make appointments according to my time schedule and never keep me waiting for hours in the lobby. The dental work its self is painless and quality work. Dr. Pacheco always make sure you understand the procedure and that you are comfortable. Ana Maria, his receptionist and right hand, is knowledgeable and is always anxious to be sure of appointments and procedures meet my needs. I highly recommend Find Health.
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