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    • 07/07/2019
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      David Lan
      Wonderful setting and an imposing structure. Simple yet holds its own against other castles I've visited in Spain. It has more romance and than others located in the center of town. Getting there is easy.
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      Christoph H.
      Wow. Awesome place! Awesome Nature! Awesome Hills.
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      Phil Evelyn
      Great castle, good to see where Jon Snow was born BUT there are herds of sheep near buy so there are lots of big, very persistent flies. The road to the castle is not exactly VW Polo friendly. If you really want to go, go in an SUV.
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      Stephen Bryant
      I guess Jon Snow had to be born very secretly and this location is very remote. 4x4 driving up a dirt road is the only way to do it comfortably.
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      Mike Smith
      As a Game of Thrones fan, this castle was a must-visit during our recent road trip. It is accessible by most cars except those with particularly low suspension as the last couple of hundred metres would be quite testing. There is a parking zone with information board and the castle is a further hundred metres or so uphill. It is truly stunning and it's easy to see why it was never taken by force. Under private ownership, access had to be arranged with the owners who have been progressively restoring it. But it's still a stunning place to see from the outside and run up those same steps the young Ned Stark!
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