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    • 30/01/2019
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      Julieanna Kosub
      Sure wait time and the price is cheap. But I'd have to say this is one of the most traumatic extractions I've ever had. The way the doctor only cared about speed over my level of comfort which was horrible. I told them I previously broke my jaw in 3 places and you think they'd take extra care with an old injury not to aggravate it but no. The doctor put like 10 shots of novocaine in 1 minute which was more painful than the extraction itself because how he forced the needle into my gums and in between teeth and lower jaw. He didn't really care if he was hurting me or not. I could hear cracking in my ear and feel the tooth being pulled the whole time. I was pulling my thumb so hard under the stuff they had on me just so I wouldn't scream or cry. Then on top of all that they send you home no pain meds or antibiotics. Never will go here for an extraction again. So here I am day 3 in extreme pain. Tylenol is not helping and they seem like they dont want to help relieve my pain either I call them and got attitude UPDATE: Try to call at 11am 1/10/2019 for help with severe pain and jaw swelling said they would call back. NEVER DID. So I called back at 2:30 and then they said they call back. NEVER DID. Call back at 4 said they would call me back NEVER DID. Called back at 5. Still no help. They told me to come in tomorrow which I could of already came and did instead of playing phone tag. Which I do not want to do now. I never want to see this place ever again and now i dont even care if there is a more serious problem i would rather just deal with it and possibly die over seeing these guys anymore. I am seriously pretty traumatized by this. Update: I also now have bone spurs at the site of pulled tooth
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      Mark Navarro
      The operator is rude as hell maybe stop hiring people who hate what they do and have good customer service it's a shame such a great place just hate having to deal with A rude lady and it's always when I get transferred to urgent care. Hey UT hire people who love helping people.
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      Molly Birkett
      Everyone I've encountered during both my visits were very friendly and professional. The work I received was top notch and done carefully. My student dentist was very personable and gentle. I was originally told I needed a crown, but once they started working on the tooth, they determined that I didn't need it afterall, saving me almost $500! Yes, you have to pay to park, just like you have to pay to park at any university, but it's not expensive.
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      Ashley Locke
      Paid $40 and was stigmatized for my mental illnesses that they for some reason felt the need to ask and pry about. Was nearly yelled at for letting a few swear words slip due to anxiety, publicly embarrassed for having a panic attack afterwards, and shamed off the property by their police. They won’t even let me reschedule with them, they said it was the grad clinic (more expensive) or nothing at all— they knew damn well I was there due to my lack of funds in the first place. I have had to have many teeth pulled due to genetics + living in an abusive household as a child, and I have NEVER been treated like this by a dentist until now. Learn some bedside manner or find a different career.
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      Ximena Chavez
      Went in for an urgent care visit, had an appointment set up the day before and all they did was take $40 for X-rays and a consultation to do absolutely nothing about the pain I was having on my molars. I was such a waste of time and money.
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