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    • 27/03/2019
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      Good pastries! Medium size selection of pastries
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      Harold Martinez
      Typical Colombian food. Make sure you note that while dining in the tip is included in your bill. If the service is beyond excellent feel free to tip again but just make sure you know this.
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      Juan Ch
      Tip cheater's. While the food is good and the attention is ok. Their place is extremely sneaky when it comes to give a tip for their services. In New York is not mandatory to provide a tip when given a bad service or good but rather an option as well as a courtesy. When they provide you with your bill at the end of your meal.....look carefully as you will see them forcibly adding a 15% to it.... They don't even tell you or ask you.....which makes it worst is that when you receive your credit card statement to be signed.... They also include a tip collum, so in the eventuality you didn't check your bill (As most of as do not) they basically double tip themselves!!!!!! Horrible experience.... Extremely sneaky.... Shame of an owner!
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      Chris NeMz
      Pretty good place. Great Colombian breakfast. Bandeja paisa/montañera is good. Empanadas aren't bad either. I've had better, but this place is decent.
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      Julie Garcia
      Great Bandeja Paisa and service. Very good portions and great prices.
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