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    • 26/07/2019
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      Rasel Debbarma
      The market is fun to walk through, but the food was expensive and not that good. I had looked forward to eating there but was disappointed. As we spent more time in Madrid, I learned of restaurants that had much better food for a more reasonable price. I'd say stroll through the market, look at the food, take in the atmosphere, and continue on to eat somewhere else. We had a private tour guide in Madrid who agreed with my assessment. He said this is mainly a tourist place.
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      Catriona Hall
      Great tapas and bars, definitely worth having a look around before buying because you will want to buy something from every stall! Go when you're hungry. We spent a great afternoon there sampling lots of tasty treats. Note that the toilets are free if you have already bought something from the stall and you will need to show a receipt Without a receipt you need to pay.
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      Cara Halliwell
      Great place to wander, sit eat stay . Lots if very trendy bars and all types of Tapas. The best selection in one spot. Centrally located by Plaza Mayor. Lot more expensive than other Spanish markets but very cool
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      Christina Coons
      We passed by on a tour yesterday and had time to walk over today. Lots of people enjoying the spread. The food is plentiful and freshly prepared. The servers are all enthusiastic. A vibrant place to see and be seen. Personally, it was a little loud and the crowd would not be enjoyable for long.
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      Brady Campbell
      An amazing tapas area where there are about 20 to 25 vendors offering the most mouthwatering foods imaginable. A great place to meet with friends where everyone can find something they enjoy. Most items cost about 3.50 with some being as low as 1 and no top price. On the weekends, it can get a little too busy, but still a great place to walk through if not more.
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