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    • 08/03/2019
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      Paulo Maracas
      The best Dentist in europe if not the world.
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      BandanaMann Andy
      For me it's best place to good in the world x
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      Amazing place great dentists great surgeons and nurses and staff are just second to none
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      Andy Cutler
      Showed me how UK dentist are still in dark ages, ImmediatelyIidentifiedIm problem mymUK dentist of 15 years tooktuponthimself to ignorei UltimatelyUcost him when I successfully sued for persoper injuryi If you have any doubts about visiting here then trytand find a negative review? IIcouldntI I find one which speakssfod itself. In my oppinio thististh bestbplace inithein world. And willwneverwgo anywhere else againa accomadion all included, and if you keep looking will get return flight London zagreb around 100 pounds, cheap as hips Looking forward to completing my 5 implants soon x
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      Brett DeLong
      Firstly, croatia is not some 3rd world backwater. It is beautiful and modern and everything is very reasonable here due partially to the strong dollar. I wasn't sure what to expect from my dentist but everyone at the office was very professional, the office modern, and language was not an issue. I explained how my American dentist muffed my root canal by completely missing 1 of 4 roots and half of another. After a quick panoramic x ray I was in the chair and surrounded by a pit crew of technicians and dentists and 90 minutes I was on my way after assurances all was well and all 4 roots were properly filled. The endodontist in the states quoted me $1200. With a 10% cash discount my bill came to a whopping $130. Highly recommended.
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