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    • 01/05/2019
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      Brian Ploetz
      Having an appointment means nothing. Had an appointment for 1015 and got in at 945. 2 hours of waiting and as people came in they were seen before us. Terrible
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      r t
      She has been my Doctor for years. Great at her job and always goes through my bloodwork to ensure everything is ok.
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      Debbie Hanks
      Excellent Dr. but you have to wait for a long time in waiting room to be seen. I drive 45 mins to see her. She is great with my issues and has knowledge superior to my family dr. I do hate to wait but she never rushes me out of the office and always makes sure you understand whats going on. Been going for almost 2 yrs.
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      Angela Oestereich
      Longest wait time I’ve ever experienced in a doctors office. 2 hours wait for a 10 minutes appointment is awful
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      Li Jost
      Took my mom here, she’s 86, she threw way too much information at her all at once in first appointment. Wanted to change many ‘regular’ things my mom has been doing for years that’s kept her diabetes in check just fine. If you know someone this age those kinds of changes freak them out.
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