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    • 01/02/2019
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      Carlos Sanchez.
      Good attention but , they forget what's the case, everyone follow, because this Law office have a lot clients, and the Dr. Arevalo assignment the different case to her or his assistant.. unfortunately is impossible to reminder every Immigration Cases.
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      Billy Zamora
      I had a case with this lawyer for the Visa U. When we first started with the case procedure he talked to my very beautifullly and he told me that he would need a certificate from the police that i collaborated in the doings of the crime at the time, and that it would be very easy to obtain the visa U. My case lasted 6 years and all he would do is steal my money. At first i signed a contract for 3,500 (for the certificate) then 9,000 dollars for permanent residence and truthly didnt do anything. After i paid all that money, time passed and he never gave me any concrete responses. One day he called me to make an appointment and the day of the appointment he told me i wasnt approved for the Visa U & just robbed my money. Be careful with this man when letting go of your money.
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      Cinthya Rodriguez
      Lost my fingerprints appointment...I didn't receive it by mail and they didn't even bother to call me letting me know...I pay them every month for nothing. Lawyer needs better employees.
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      Monica Morales
      He will only take your money, he had my paperwork sitting in his files for 3 months with out submitting it to immigrants I only found out because I keep calling to find out how my process was going since I didn't get an answer I made an appointment, it was 3:30 pm, I see him calling one person i asked the receptionist if he knew I was there he said Enrique knew and would see me soon. Enrique calls another person then another i was there before any of this people but they were new clients I had been a client for 21 years so who cares. By this time is 5:10pm and I ask the receptionist when is he going to see me. So one else comes out it turns out Enrique left and when she opens my file my paperwork is still there , papers that should have been submitted to immigration 3 months ago are sitting in a file and Enrique did have the decency to tell me. After I requested my my paperwork they tell my I can't have it until they make copies. I just want my papers and I don't want anything to do with him and I bet he will still charge me more money for making copies of my papers.
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      Jorge Carmen
      Worst service I have ever received. His fees in no way reflect the amount of work anybody at that office will put in, much less the attention they will grant you after setting up your monthly bills. There was so much hype that came from his radio and television presence, but he will literally do anything to drag out the case and keep taking your money. He actually told me there was nothing left to do for my case, that it wasn't even worth continuing with the paperwork when I had already invested $2,000.00. Even then the collection notices didn't stop. I had to go back to his office two months later and tell him that we were done with the contract and I wasn't going to keep paying him. That man has no shame. I told him I was going to continue the paperwork myself and when he received notices about my case (because he was still the representative under the NVC) he did not forward them. It was my case. I was taking care of it for free, and that office was preventing my family from being together. I compared what Enrique Arevalo had done for my case with what a simple filling clerk did for my aunt's case and it was the same amount of filling, less even, because he didn't feel like finishing. But of course, he did charge us $1,850.00 more than the filling clerk. STAY AWAY
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