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    • 13/11/2018
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      Didie Choyé
      A fuir! Voleurs, attente de 40 min alors que j avais prix un rendez vous et 5 min de consultation pour devoir m'acquitter d une facture 100€. La dentiste a dit pendant le consultation "Va falloir se décider car j ai des patients qui attendent!" et nous a menti sur les actes qu'elle venait de faire.
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      John Denisov
      Полноценная стоматологическая клиника для всей семьи. Чисто, тихо, спокойно.. Рекомендую..
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      Svenja Arndt
      ein backenzahn war abgebrochen, ich wurde am gleichen Tag behandelt und die Hilfe war sehr gut. die Ärztin macht sehr gute Arbeit, die sprechstundenhilfen sind sehr freundlich. ich kann sie empfehlen!
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      While staying some months in Tenerife I was at this place for a regular check and had an unfortunate experience. There was no xray, no cleaning done during the check. The doctor did a pretty quick check concluding that I need 11 new fillings. I must say I was shocked as my previous control was just 6 months ago. Unfortunately I reacted quickly saying we have to fix it. So the doctor changed three fillings that day. One of the fillings was not properly done, so I had to come back and ask for correction. Coming to my senses I went to another dental clinique and asked for a new check with Xray and cleaning this time. There I learnt that all my fillings were good, no need to change, except for that one that was poorly done by the doctor in Family dental plaza. I do not recommend this place for non residents - i did not experience it as a trustworthy. PS: The personnel there did not speak English.
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      Bernard Feay
      My leading lady had a terrible toothache that started on a Friday night. She was in agony and they fitted her in. The tooth had to come out and she is so relieved that our holiday has not been spoiled. Price was much less than expected.
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