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    • 31/03/2019
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      Peter Richards
      I stayed at the Arenal Springs Resort & Spa, bungalow style accomodation with its own hot spring fed swimming pools & fine views of the volcano. Just a lovely part of the world, abundant flora & fauna & lovely people.
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      Staying nearby this volcano we were able to really be in awe of its power and force. It made every view seem like we were in Jurassic park lol all of the locals know the history of the volcano and the times it has erupted and the aftermath. The volcano created a hot spring in our resort we were able to enjoy as well. We hiked as far as we could by foot and horse.
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      TJ Wethington
      Such an awesome place! A must see when visiting CR. If you do the Arenal 1968 reserve (not the National Park) you’ll find far less crowds and amazing views.
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      Joy Flegg
      Spent one night and wish it could have been a longer stay. Our suite has a magnificent view of the volcano. It is well appointed with a hot tub no less. The air was 10 degrees cooler than on the coast which gave us much relief. The staff is very pleasant and easy to understand. If you love nature this is a definite destination. It has it all.
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      Nata Kostenko
      Pretty cool volcano that can be seen from various points in La Fortuna. You can hike it yourself, especially if you have a car to drive to the entrance. Alternatively, you can take a tour. The hike itself isn’t hard unless it’s raining hard and for a long period of time. Usually there are clouds on the top of the volcano, yet wait a bit and they might go away.
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