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    • 26/02/2019
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      linda white
      Amazing venue! This place is breathtaking. Lala was a Model for Anthony Rubio Couture NYfW 2019
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      Dave Warren
      Great venue...shot a few NYFW shows at Art Heart Fashion.
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      Susan Danenberger
      An elegant, sexy place for a awe inspiring fashion show for Ana Ono Intimates with Project Cancerland.
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      Paul Carpenter
      What used to be the oldest synagogue in the United States of America, and left to be abandoned. Has now become one of the greatest unknown venues in New York Manhattan area. Three levels where you can entertain your guests and do it in the lap of luxury. With a very quaint beautiful feel. Great for any event that you might be putting on with prices that won't kill your pocket. A great staff that want nothing but the achievement of your happiness. If you're looking for a venue you just found the one you were looking for.
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      PandaDomo NYC
      Beautiful location for an event. We went to a cocktail hour hosted by a nonprofit organization and was impressed with the beautiful architecture of the main room, which was back lighted to look beautifully gothic. I assume that it’s just a bare space and the organizers had to bring in outside vendors for the food and drink. They had six small tables with four chairs each and three high-boy tables around the floor to allow for maximum networking space.
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